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Aluminium Step Towers


Aluminium Step Towers


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Aluminium Step Towers



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The Series 7000 Stairway tower is the ideal scaffold for safe and ergonomically working at height. Thanks to the stairways, it is an easily accessible tower and very user friendly.

  • Industrial Duty Rated
  • Manufactured from structural aluminium
  • Cast aluminium brace claws
  • Stairways ladder gives safe access to platforms
  • Platforms available with plywood or aluminium deck
  • Trap platforms are fitted with self-closing trapdoor
  • Components are provided with safety hook that prevents parts being blown off or becoming displaced
  • Lockable swivel castors for easy and quick relocation
  • Adjustable stabilisers
  • Plywood or aluminium toe board systems
  • Design of components allow for easy transport and storage
  • User friendly when working with tools or other equipment
  • Combination configurations are possible
  • Maximum permissible load on platform – 200kg/m2
  • Maximum Safe Working Load of tower – 750kg
  • Maximum platform height of mobile tower – 12.8m
  • Static towers maximum height tied to structure – 21.2m
Platform Height (m)
Working Height (m)


1.35m x 1.95m OR 1,35m X 2,56m
Code Description Weight (kg)
7200 BLDFRMSeries 7200 Building Frame9.8kg24681012
5000 BANFRMWide 1350mm Bannister Frame4.1kg222222
7220LADSeries 7300 Access Stairs9.7kg 123456
HB7Horizontal Brace1.9kg6810121416
DB2Diagonal Brace2.1kg369121518
HRB2Handrail Brace3.0kg 123456
PFB/ 1850Platform (Ply Deck / Aluminium Deck)12.5 / 14.7kg123456
PFBT/ 1850Platform with Trapdoor12.5 / 14.7kg111111
UCAST 200 /EXTN200mm Adjustable Lockable Castor5.5kg444444
USTD TRIStandard Triangular Stabiliser4.5kg444
ULARGE TRILarge Triangular Stabiliser7.4kg44
TBS 1225X 1850Toe Board Set10.9kg111111
Total weight (kg) with Plywood deck platform135189244299366421
Total weight (kg) with Aluminium deck platform139196253310379436

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