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We provide a wide range of castors & wheels at affordable prices, including couch casters, iron caster, castor wheels, plastic casters, heavy duty trolley wheels, gelmar castor wheels, rubber casters, steel casters, industrial casters, heavy duty castor wheels, foot caster, medium duty castor wheels, fixed castors with out without brakes, gelmar castors, bed and chair castors, bed frame castors & wheels, tente castors, gate Castors & Wheels, Scaffolding wheels & Castors, workbench castors,vintage style castors, twin wheel casters, tool box castors, threaded castors, Pneumatic Castors, Retractable Casters, Office Chair castors, Furniture castors, ball caster, castor wheels, medical casters, swivel caster wheels, polyurethane Castors, furniture casters,  and much more to suit any needs in offices, garages, households, or warehouses. Castor and Ladder has branches all over South Africa that you can visit; Our Branches: Pretoria, Johannesburg, Germistan, Western Cape, Kwazulu-Natal & Eastern Cape.

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