Selecting the Right Castor

It pays to choose castors with care. Selecting the right castor ensures that the first cost will be the most economical.

Castors are components which are fitted to objects to make them mobile. Generally castors are designed for low speeds only, mostly pushed or pulled manually. Castors consist of a bracket and at least one wheel.

Swivel Castors
Swivel castors are vertically rotatable. A fork is fitted to a top plate of a swivel bearing. The fitting element is firmly fixed to an object while the fork remains rotatable. A swivel offset is dimensioned to enable directional stability resulting in a smooth swivel motion. Swivel castors can also be supplied with brake systems.

Fixed Castors
Fixed castors provide directional stability. Generally fixed castors are supplied with top plates for fitting.

What will the maximum load be? Don't forget the weight of the actual truck. Does the possibility of overload, shock-loading, abuse or poor floors call for as safety factor?

Remember: Capacities shown in this catalogue are for dynamic loading - i.e. 4 km/h operations on a smooth floor.

Floor Conditions
Are they smooth or are there holes? Are there obstacles such as elevator sills, railroad tracks or dock plates?
Are there metal shavings or threads or harmful substances on the floor?
The use of a wider faced wheel prevents indentation or gouging of good flooring.

Operating Environment
Is noise a factor? Must the castor work in confined areas? Are water, oil, grease, chemicals or extreme temperatures present? Frequent movement demands longer wearing components than occasional movement.

If loads are to be pushed manually, think of the operator / user. Selecting the largest practical wheel diameter, anti-friction bearings and the kind of wheel that will start and roll the easiest over the surface in question.

We will be happy to advise you on hte selection of your castors and wheels.

 Typical Castor Installations

2 Swivel & 2 Fixed
Castors of equal height
easily turned or pushed
straight. Trails well.
4 Swivels
Castors of equal height.
Can be manoeuvred in
any direction. Ideal for
confined spaces.
4 Swivel & 2 Fixed
Castors of equal height
or rocking on centre pair.
Recommended for heavy
2 Swivel & 2 Fixed
Castors of equal height
permits turning in own
Load = 3 pcs
Load = 3 pcs
Load = 4 pcs
Load = 3 pcs


Wheel Diameter
Width of Tyre
Bore Diameter
Overall Height
Hole Diameter
Swivel offset
Size of Plate
Hole Centres
Hole Diameter
Load Capacity (kg)
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