Light Duty Wheels (PIR)

75 - 200 kg

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100mm, 125mm, 160mm, 200mm

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Light Duty Wheels
Light duty castors and light duty wheels primarily for indoor use. They are designed for speeds up to 3 km/h. Typical applications of light duty castors are medical equipment, display stands or equipment for large-scale catering equipment.

Wheel: PIR
Solid rubber tyre wheels offer very high operational comfort, low-noise operation and very good floor preservation. Wheel centre made of high-quality, impact-resistant nylon. Pressed-on tyre. Chemical resistant to many aggressive substances, except oils.

Code Diameter Width Thread Bearing Weight (kg)
PIR 100 100 30 12 Roller 75
PIR 125 125 36 12 Roller 100
PIR 160 160 40 15 Roller 135
PIR 200 200 48 15 Roller 200